Rajgopal Loya

Rapier Loom CL-2008 300RPM(200 CM)

Technical Parameters
Item Specification
Usage and application Scope Used for weave all kindes of light, middle, heavy fabric and high
count and high density complex design jacquard fabric, also used for weave cotton, wool, flax, silk and all kinds of chemical fabric
Nominal Reed Width Adjustable Range (cm) 40 special requirement can reach 80.
Weft Density Range (root/cm) 5-350
Warp Beam Diameter (mm) 600,780
The Maximum Cloth Roll Diameter (mm) 450
Wrap Stop Device Eletronic contact point type.
Shedding Device Dobby shedding, underneath type shedding, mechanical or electronic jacquard shedding.
Electronic Control Microcomputer control.
Beating-up Mechanism Cam beating
Weft Insertion Mechanism Unilateral doubler weft supply.central handover cam sector geardrive
Weft stop Device Piezoelectric ceramic type weft detector
Let-off Device Electronic let-off servo system
Take-up Device Electronic take-up servo system
Weft Selectbn (cobr) 6[8] Electronic color selection
Lubricating System Using automatic cycle and oil lubricating, partially periodically forced oiling.
Main Motor Power (kw) 200/2.2, 280/3.0, 340/3.0
Reed Width (cm) 190 210 230 280 360
R.P.M Rotation Speed 280-320 280-320 270-310 230-270 180-230
Dimension 51 66(L)* 1850 (W)*1456(H)(340cm)
Contact Details
C/o. Raghav Collection
12/958, Suvarna Complex,
Hulgeshwari Road
Near Sambhaji Chowk
Ichalkaranji-416 115
Dist. Kolhapur (M.S)
Phone: Off. 0230-2434216, Resi: 2434215
Cell- 9422423237, 9168834127
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